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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Art Boards Part 1 - "Distressing" Information

Unless you haven't thumbed through a shelter mag recently, you're aware of the distressed trend happening in all things home related.  We are all after that chic, but lived in feel.

As I venture into our playroom project, the item at the top of my list was to create an organized space to display my son's artwork.  Let's face it.  A fridge can only handle so much.

Pinterest helped me out with the idea of adding clothespins (man have I been using these a lot lately!) to 1 X 4's and hanging artwork from the clips.  Easy.  One of my gal pals has this set-up in her playroom and it was neat and orderly, but still showed off her kiddos handiwork.  Sold.

I started my picking out to 1 X 4 pieces of lumbar at Home Depot.  I painstakingly looked through board after board to find the smoothest, cleanest looking pieces I could find. 

 Then I got home and decided to beat the snot out of them.

This wasn't the path I had intended to take, but when inspiration hits, you run with it.

Little and I took these boards out to the driveway and while he climbed trees and played on his scooter, Mommy worked out her aggression with a hammer.

The process of distressing is really quite simple.  And therapeutic.  Get a hammer and a nail or two and pound away.  Take some chunks out of the wood.  Don't be afraid!

I even flipped the hammer over and pulled the claw along the wood to make some deeper gashes.

I'm sure my neighbors thought I had finally lost it, but after 15 minutes, I had some pretty distressed looking wood.  Or pretty, distressed looking wood, depending on how you want to view it.

Then, I propped the wood up in the garage and awaited a warm enough day to tackle the staining step.  Is it spring yet?  (That post it to come later this week.)


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