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Friday, February 8, 2013

In-Spy-ration: Minty Madness

I was browsing through my Pinterest style board the other day and I noticed a trend.  Mint.  It. Was. Every. Where.

No longer just for bridesmaids dresses.  Here are a few ways this cool color has made it's presence known.

Love this necklace.  Especially the rough edged stones against the smooth blouse.

Fun color combo.  Has me pining for spring!

love this combo
Don't you just want to be a Boden girl?  They always look like they're having the best time, in really cute mint skinnies.

Love navy and mint.  In fact, I may be doing this very soon...Top knot and all.

This is way more intricate than I could do on myself, but it's really fun.

Love it
And for those of you wanting a more subtle splash in the minty turquoise direction...


Is anyone else craving mint chocolate chip ice cream right now?  Mmmmmm.

Have a fantastic weekend!  My Little Man has his very first baseball practice tomorrow.  I'm getting teary already!  How is he big enough for organized sports?  I cannot wait to see him in a little uniform.  Sigh.  Too.  Cute.


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