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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Color Fun in the Kitchen...for Now

Hi Ho!  Hope everyone is having a great week.  We are gearing up for Halloween and the many parties, activities, gatherings we have approaching.  Today I thought I'd take a break from fall and share a little summer project we did.

During my summer break I failed to share some DIY curtains with you.  I got really tired of staring at naked windows (gasp!) so while perusing Hobby Lobby one day, I stumbled upon a fabric I absolutely love.  It's all my fav colors in a chevron.  To.  Die.  For.

So...I made some curtains!  I use the word 'made' in the loosest fashion as I am no seamstress.  In fact, no needle was brought to this fabric.  I used heat bond and it works great. I highly recommend.  I consider myself pretty good in all thing home related, but I did not get the sewing gene from my fabulous seamstress of a mom...

I'm loving the color...

However, now that I've put this little dresser on this wall (which I love for storage purposes), they are too big.  The curtain is trying to suffocate the dresser, the dresser is letting angry words fly.  It's becoming a scene.  So, in the effort of keeping things around her G rated, I think these bad boys will be moving up to my new studio/office.

I haven't shared this room with you yet, but I can't wait.  It is everything I love.  Maybe too much so, but I don't care!  It's my fun room and these drapes will fit right in.  And hopefully not start any fights...

This is an easel...in case you weren't sure!

So there's how we lived all summer...but you know me.  Nothing stays put for too long!

These cute little stools were on clearance at Target this summer and I scooped them up for future playroom/family office use, but I'm loving them in the kitchen for right now.  Perfect for playdate lunches.

Any switcheroos at your house lately?


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