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Monday, March 12, 2012

Mickey Munch Party Favors

I love a good theme and boy, is Mickey a good one!  There is no end to the cute things you can do with a couple of mouse ears and some red, white, and black.  In preparation for the upcoming party, my little man and I threw together these cute little "Mickey Munch" bags for all of his buddies.

I just used classic clear treat bags and filled them with caramel popcorn, pretzel twists (which look a lot like Mickey!), mini marshmallows, and red, yellow, and brown M&M's. 

I used black paper to make the ears and created/printed the bag messages in Word. 

I folded the message over the top of the bag and stapled on each side.  Then, I stapled an ear on each side of the tag.  To pretty it up, I used a single hole-punch to make a hole in the middle of the label and threaded some red and yellow curling ribbon through.


The basket I used to contain all the fun is the Pottery Barn treat basket and Valentine's Day liner.  Underneath those Mickeys are really white felt hearts.  Nothing a little tape and black paper can't fix!

Hope the kiddos like them because we sure had fun making them!

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