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Friday, August 23, 2013

Wait? Is That Really You?

I know.  I took the summer off and I didn't even warn y'all.  I didn't really plan for it, but when school ended, projects ended, blogging time ended, me time ended.  Instead, my days were full of sunscreen, water guns, Popsicles, and picnics.  And you know what?  I wouldn't have it any other way!

I have missed blogging and my loyal readers (even if most of them are related to me!)...The great thing about an extended break is all the new material I will have!

Little is safely back into school.  Pre-K.  Is it weird that this year is strangely bittersweet for me?  I love preschool.  I love that it means he is still small and needs me.  I am deathly afraid of Kindergarten.  I didn't think this would be the case since I was a teacher, but he is still so little!  The lunchroom, the class sizes, the loooooong day.  I. Can't. Handle. It.  Okay.  I had to get that out.  I will say, I've been making a point to enjoy our lunchtimes together, the Fridays he has off from school, and the laid back vibe that is preschool.  Such a sweet time.

The newest update I have for you is that I am now on Instagram.  I even have some new fancy picture editing apps!  It's a fun way to share a bit of the behind the scenes of Nest Your Best, the things that don't make it onto the blog.  Find me @nestyourbest !!  I'd love to have you come aboard!

Here's a quick picture recap of our summer...

          We got in a quick getaway to the beach before school started.  Sandy, salty, and happy!


     I made some pretty amazing cookies for our tennis finals.  Yes.  I did just pat myself on the back....

                             Mister and I celebrated 7 years.  Time sure flies!


                               We took Little to his first Braves game.  He was in total awe.

                                       We did a lot of swimming and ate a lot of popsicles!

Little and I went to the kids' summer movies every. single. week.  And I LOVED it!  Such a fun little date!

                           We have "Back to School Cake" at our house.  Very exciting.

Now...back to work for this gal!  I owe you some fun crafties, a few style files, and some organizational tips.  I'm on it!

Have a fantastic weekend!  It is still summer afterall...for a few more weeks.


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